Founded in December 2008 by Aparajita Jain, Seven Art Limited is a prolific young gallery based in the heart of New Delhi. In the span of just over two years Seven Art has developed a concise program of dynamic young artists from Delhi and beyond, carving out a niche for itself as one of India’s most cutting edge spaces for art and discourse.  Seven Art’s initiative is fueled by the drive to support and promote fresh and promising young artists working in a variety of media and practices, daring to support unconventional forms both within the gallery walls and without. Seven Art articulates it’s profile as a platform for artists whose aesthetic and conceptual language is international on the one hand while also specifically rooted in the history and context of SE Asia on the other. Straddling topics of both global and local significance, the artists presented by Seven Art are perfectly poised to engage in meaningful dialogue with the world today as part of the generation of artists who are redefining art in India for the 21st Century.